Efficient contacts management
Efficient management of work processes
Efficient and intuitive journaling of emails
Efficient project management
Efficient case management

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WorkPoint365 – business critical apps on Office 365

The future is in the Cloud and the market for Cloud solutions is experiencing an almost explosive growth. Following Microsoft’s lead, we are developing apps to the Cloud market on Office 365 and are currently earning recognition for our expertise in developing apps that are quick and easy to implement.


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Efficient project management

Project tool for efficient gate and risk management

WorkPoint is an efficient information management tool for projects, making it possible to execute and review in a single system. It is a tool to systemise all processes, manage the allocation of tasks, execute projects with efficient email and document management. Through all processes WorkPoint focuses on quality assurance, risk management, gate management, and reviewing. 

Systemise the projects
WorkPoint Cloud - hybrid - 365

Efficient case management

Manage all routines and processes efficiently

WorkPoint offers efficient case and document management in all processes resulting in uniform oversight of all cases in the organisation, as well as affiliating all clients, stakeholders, information, masterdata, documents, and emails to individual cases. Automated versioning of documents ensures that all changes and approvals are always registered.

Systemise the case management
WorkPoint Cloud - hybrid - 365

Efficient and intuitive journaling of emails

Manage all emails and documents

WorkPoint ensures important emails and documents do not end op in the inbox of the individual employee, but are viewable by all, and are instantly affiliated with the case or project. the emails concern. Utilising WorkPoint allows you to use MS Outlook as your primary, everyday tool for work - without the need to switch systems for archiving of documents. The result is a crystal clear overview of all journalised information.

Systemise the journaling
WorkPoint Cloud - hybrid - 365


Efficient contacts management

Manage your contacts efficiently

Gain overview of contacts, correspondence, and current tasks. WorkPoint's contacts management system offers you the complete overview of collaboration partners and meetings as well as the enture correspondence of the organisation. Adding to this, it affords access to important doccuments, agreements, collaborative work with partners, and more.

Systemise all your correspondence
WorkPoint Cloud - hybrid - 365


Efficient management of work processes

Efficiently manage all routines and workflows

WorkPoint is an efficient tool for managing workflows and processes. If you need to systemise procedures and workflows. WorkPoint easily and elegantly guides you through all the phases. WorkPoint is a tool to manage the allocation and execution of tasks, ensuring high quality and minimises the risk of human errors.

Systemise the everyday
WorkPoint Cloud - hybrid - 365


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48 hours to prototype a WorkPoint solution

See what happened, when the state trading centre of Iceland, Ríkiskaup, gave WorkPoint 48 hours to prototype a WorkPoint-solution matching their exact needs.

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A partner-driven organisation

WorkPoint is a partner-driven organisation. We have partners in Denmark, England, Ireland, Australia, and Iceland. Find the partner who matches your profile and exact needs

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Navigate safely in the Cloud

WorkPoint 365 is a business-strategic Cloud-solution, taking full advantage of SharePoint Online, integrating with Office 365. No more maintenance and installation of updates. Try WorkPoint 365 for 30 days for free.

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WorkPoint on the go

Fast, synchronised access to all WorkPoint data on the go with WorkPoint app for iOS and Windows Phone.

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Join our webinar about Email Manager 365 - a new product for the Cloud market with storage on Microsoft Azure
CIO review
Press release - FREMONT, CA - December 24, 2015 - WorkPoint makes it to CIO Review’s top SharePoint Solution Providers list for its expertise in transforming SharePoint into a Business-Critical Solution Platform.
EMM 365 release
Danish developers WorkPoint A/S launches Email Manager 365, delivering intelligent journaling of mails on Microsoft Azure, ensuring the company’s business-critical data

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About WorkPoint

Be ready to fly from day one - no time consuming or costly development

Developing business-critical processes in SharePoint requires a lot of specialist development in order to achieve the full benefits of the platform. It is a very time consuming and costly process. In addition, it is risky because the outcome of the finished solution is unknown.

WorkPoint is a standard solution building atop SharePoint, tried and tested in an array of industries. The financial investment and the complexity of specialistdevelopment of SharePoint are all avoided entirely. WorkPoint is available in three versions: Hybrid, Cloud, or 365 (license or lease).