Maersk Oil

Growing demands for complex case and project management

The department of Other Projects at Maersk Oil has received ongoing development of new WorkPoint modules to meet the growing demands for case and project management of the department. This covers a reporting tool, email management, integration with SAP, review system, and integration with Microsoft Project, and much more

In 2011, Maersk Oil lacked a reporting tool that would make life easier for project managers while ensuring a consistent execution of all projects. With WorkPoint, around 250 employees in the Project & Facilities and IT department obtained a tool for handling the numerous reconstruction projects on platforms in the North Sea the department is in charge of.

WorkPoint creates a template for each project and provides automatic generation of task lists in Outlook. When a project changes phase, WorkPoint automatically creates a document library matching the phase..

Head of other Projects at Maersk Oil, Carsten Mols Poulsen, quickly saw the added value to his department.

"We have received a uniform structure which provides all project managers with greater visibility. Furthermore, it has become easier for the new employees of the organisation to find documents and such, since the structure for the archiving of emails and documents has been standardised as well."

Comply with requirements of the EU

The project department also implemented WorkPoint Express – an intelligent Outlook add-in ensuring quick and intuitive archiving of emails and documents. When WorkPoint Express is used in conjunction with WorkPoint modules for companies, contacts and projects, this handy add-in automatically suggests the destination folder with the advanced suggestion feature. Thus, WorkPoint Express is a front-end for the organisation’s servers and with a simple drag and drop functionality, the users can archive both messages and attachments in WorkPoint and SharePoint.

"We have obtained an intuitive and easy tool for archiving. Once again, it is the ability to standardise, which offers value to our organisation, and we are now completely confident that we comply with the European Union’s documentation requirements to store all info on a case for at least five years, " says Carsten Mols Poulsen.

A more professional appearance

The next phase has been the integration with the organisation’s financial management system, SAP, where relevant data automatically are linked to projects. This data consist of budget overviews, estimates, time consumption, and more, in connection with reconstruction projects.

"We lacked an overview of the relationship between budgeted and spent hours - this will now be presented in WorkPoint automatically. I am also very much looking forward to the internal stakeholders being able to log in, view, and comment on the status of the various projects."

The review system is a discussion forum where documents, drawings and so on pertaining to a project or process is uploaded and is reviewed by defined Maersk employees.

The latest module implemented at Maersk Oil, is the integration of the project management module Microsoft Project. In the future, the department can now create tasks in Microsoft Project and integrate with WorkPoint. In short; the project is synchronised, and it does not matter from where the project is edited.

The flexibility has proven its worth

The project management module adds flexibility to the preparation of project plans and project management by individual project manager. It is now possible to do uniform progress reporting per project as well as S-curve illustrations. Adding to this, all data is stored so one can run an analysis on all projects at a later date. This makes it possible to go back to a given project and find out why exactly the schedule drifted,  how much drift there is between the estimated time and the actual time spent, as well as where the problems arose.

"The flexibility of WorkPoint has really proven its worth in the continuous adaptation," Carsten Mols Poulsen concludes.

WorkPoint has now been implemented in several other departments at Maersk Oil. Parallel to this, the product department has received continuous adaptation of new WorkPoint modules meeting growing demands for project management of the department.


WorkPoint Server Enterprise

  • Platform Modulde
  • Department module
  • Project module (advanced)
  • Instrument module
  • Review module
  • Risk management module
  • Maintenance module
  • Contact module


WorkPoint Express Standard