projeksstyring, Sharepoint, sagsstyring, ESDH
projeksstyring, Sharepoint, sagsstyring, ESDH
projeksstyring, Sharepoint, sagsstyring, ESDH
projeksstyring, Sharepoint, sagsstyring, ESDH

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Gain full advantage of your SharePoint investment

Completing SharePoint

WorkPoint Server is a complete management system building atop SharePoint. Implementing WorkPoint enables you to utilise SharePoint for business-critical processes and easily upgrade to newer versions without the need for costly development and programming. WorkPoint also affords you simple and easy integration with ERP, BI, and CRM, ensuring a high ROI.

Manage business critical processes in SharePoint with WorkPoint

Build a strong business-strategic foundation

WorkPoint Server

A single overview of all business-critical information, ranging from simple to complex case and project management, deep and complex relations, as well as email management. WorkPoint offers a vertical business solution supporting advanced knowledge sharing.
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Complete project management on top of SharePoint with the WorkPoint Server

An intuitive front-end for SharePoint

WorkPoint Express

A vast amount of critical information is received by e-mail. With WorkPoint Express, 80-90 percent of SharePoint actions can be handled from within Outlook. WorkPoint Express is an intuitive front-end for SharePoint providing an easy and intelligent way to manage e-mails and documents.
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Intelligent and automatic journaling of emails

WorkPoint Email Manager

WorkPoint Email Manager is an intelligent system offering automatic filing, sharing and archiving of emails.  WorkPoint Email Manager automatically sorts all emails into tabs and binders – sorted by sender/receiver – before filing. With WorkPoint Email Manager, important information and communication will never be lost. An email can always be traced.

Intelligent and automatic journaling of emails

Fast, synchronised access to all WorkPoint data with the new Windows Phone app

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Advisory director Gert Steffensen, Dansk Standard, shares the reasoning for chosing WorkPoint as well as the experiences and lessons learned using WorkPoint as a tool.

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WorkPoint is a partner-driven organisation. We have partners in Denmark, Iceland, and Australia and soon you will find WorkPoint partners in the rest of Scandinavia and Europe. Find the partner who matches your profile and exact needs

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With a new design and a completely revamped user interface, WorkPoint 5.0 (2013) is more user friendly and intuitive. WorkPoint 2013 makes optimum use of all the features of SharePoint 2013. The new user interface is utilising HTML5 and Responsive Design.

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With the completely new design of WorkPoint 5.0 (2013), we are pleased to launch our WorkPoint app for iOS. Windows Phone 8 is coming soon, and we are considering a release for Android.

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WorkPoint lets you know about new releases, customer cases, partners, opportunities, and solutions.

NORRIQ is new WorkPoint partner
As a Microsoft Gold Partner and member of the prestigious Microsoft Inner Circle, NORRIQ is one of the most important business partners on a global scale.
Icelandic Securities Depository Ltd. (ISD) chooses WorkPoint
WorkPoint is happy to announce that our Icelandic partner Spektra has implemented the first WorkPoint solution in Iceland.
WorkPoint Email Manager offers forced journaling and improved email filtering
WorkPoint Email Manager offers forced journaling and improved email filtering. See the list of new features.

WorkPoint download centre

A full overview of all our manuals, cases and projects.

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KMD customer case
WorkPoint Express bridges the gap between Outlook and SharePoint, says KMD
Maersk Oil customer case
Growing demands for complex case and project management at Maersk Oil
Tscherning customer case
A system to collate all the cases and documents of Tscherning A/S
WorkPoint Express - an intuitive frontend for SharePoint
WorkPoint Express is an intelligent Outlook add-in, providing an easy and intelligent way to manage vast amounts of...
Advanced case and project management
WorkPoint is an advanced tool for project management and for measuring the progress of individual projects.
Completing SharePoint
WorkPoint is completing SharePoint. Compare WorkPoint and SharePoint development.

About WorkPoint

WorkPoint - Completing SharePoint

WorkPoint is developed by Danish engineers with many years of experience developing standardised products - products tested and adapted to the needs and the wishes of the end user.

  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Nominated Microsoft ISV Partner of the year 2011 and 2012
  • AAA credit rating

WorkPoint is a partner-driven organisation. To continoulsy ensure innovation and product development, a close collaboration and dialogue with the individual partner is necessary. As a result, the strategy of WorkPoint is to have a select number of international partners with great expertise in developing vertical solutions.

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